Supermodel Gisele has finally confirmed she’s pregnant with her second baby (yay!) to a Brazilian TV network, and it has me all excited over here! I love when one of our beautiful Latina celebs gets pregnant.

We get to “ooh” and “ahh” over their maternity fashion and read all about how they are really just like the rest of us–trying to be the best mommies they can be.

The main difference being that, ya know, tons of photographers are following their every move in hopes of capturing the first elusive glimpse of their burgeoning bellies.

Some stars choose to shout their pregnancy status from the rooftops, while others prefer to take the low-key route and let their baby bumps speak for themselves. Either way, they have all looked positively adorable while expecting. Check out our favorite celebrity moms rocking their pregnant bellies proudly!

Thalia : Tommy Motolla produly shows off his very pregnant wife Thalia
during her 36th birthday celebration in August 2007.


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