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Thalia, the beautiful Mexican actress, says that in order to protect her skin from sun damage, she simply does not go out in the sun without wearing SPF 60 sunscreen to protect your skin. Thalia must know a lot about beauty because the years seem to pass over her without any signs of aging. Thalia shares her secrets to staying beautiful in her book “Thalia Beauty,” which published some years ago. One thing is clear after reading the book that Thalia is very dedicated, disciplined and a very noble and loving spirit. In addition to this, after reading some of her recommendations, you will find that you too have a phobia of germs.  Here are some of her beauty secrets:

  1. You already read the first one, that is, sunscreen is very important and like Thalia use one with 60 SPF.
  2. Thalia prefers to use creams with antioxidants such as vitamin C or E.
  3. To protect your hair in the pool or the sea before getting it wet, apply a conditioning mask, and let the warmth of the sun allow the mask to penetrate. This way when water enters the hair it does not absorb chlorine or salt, and therefore, does not damage the hair.
  4. Keep your hands away from your face to avoid putting bacteria on your face.
  5. Clean the seat on the plane with a rolling pin before sitting down to remove the hair on your clothes.
  6. Use only cleanest possible brushes and makeup brushes.  She says she is convinced that acne is partly caused by dirty brushes. (Author’s note: I disagree about the link to acne, but we must use clean brushes anyway).
  7. Thalia is a fan of the eyebrows and manages her own with tweezers but does not recommend this to anyone without experience.
  8. She says no one has a perfectly symmetrical face and she has learned to pose for photos recognizing the more favorable poses that work for her. She recommends posing in front of the mirror or practicing with photos at home.
  9. It’s important to surround yourself with positive people and Thalia tries to do so in every aspect of your life.
  10. Thalia does not believe in diets and and practices healthy eating in moderation but in the weekend she can be a little carefree.


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maria thalyfan from Greece


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