exican singer and actress Thalia lends her talent in an upcoming special for the animated children’s series “Dora the Explorer.”

The superstar provides the voice of the mermaid’s mother in “Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom,” set to air Friday night.

The story centers on the efforts of Dora and Boots to help Maribel, a lost mermaid they encounter on the beach, get back to her mother in the Mermaid Kingdom.

“Dora is such an iconic and important Latina heroine, and I’m proud to now be a part of the show’s ever-growing legacy,” Thalia said in a Nickelodeon network press release.

“I was thrilled to play a role on ‘Dora the Explorer,’ a show that has touched the lives of many children around the world, including my own child,” the 40-year-old mother said.

Dora is a 7-year-old bilingual Latina who explores an “imaginative, tropical world filled with jungles, beaches and rainforests.”

In its more than 10 years on the air, the Emmy-winning show has featured guests such as John Leguizamo, Cheech Marin, Ricardo Montalban, Esai Morales and Chita Rivera.

Just last year, Thalia gave birth to her second child with record executive husband Tommy Mottola. The baby was born June 25. The couple have a four-year-old, Sabrina Sakae.

Her baby boy, Matthew Alejandro, was born just a month after the death of her mother, a period in her life that Thalia described as a “tsunami” in an interview published by the magazine Hola!

Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/entertainment/2012/03/15/thalia-joins-cast-dora-explorer/#ixzz1pDTOt700

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