2011 has been a banner year for my song writing on Nickelodeon’s “Dora The Explorer”. In episode 713 of season 7, I had to write a song about a little mermaid who got lost and used to sing with her mama.

Latin pop star Thalia plays that little mermaids mama and sings on my song, “Canta Con Sus Amigos.” She is also recording a music video for the song this October and I hope to go to the session in New York and meet her.

Other songs I have written this year for Dora The Explorer include, “The Hip Hop Bunny Song,” “Fantastic Gymnastics,” Carnivores and Herbivores,” “The Butterfly Ball,” and “Sailing The Seas of Blue.” You can check out some of the mixes and some of the demos on gabrielmusic.com.



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maria thalyfan from Greece


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